Our Origins

Made with Love

The idea of Nitya London Silk started from a tiny person, our daughter age 3. Although, a quiet confident little person, sweaty sleep on particularly hot nights and a very frizzy hair to start the day was not ideal for this little princess. Looking her distraught every morning broke our hearts. 

We knew Silk was soft and luxurious, sustainable, hypoallergenic and most importantly breathable. But Silk was costly and washing it was not easy. 

Thus was Nitya London born. We wanted to make Silk products to be cost efficient and easier to care for, so that everyone can enjoy a lovely sleep and relaxation they deserve.

We worked with Silk manufacturers to test many Silk fabrics, Silk weaves and Silk weights (momme) so that the product was luxurious, breathable, durable and at the same time does not burn a hole in our pockets.

With the countless hours in designing the bedding, we are proud to bring Nitya London Silk Bedding as a start to our journey for redefining elegance and luxury for everyone at home. 

We also partnered with Clothes Doctor and Norfolk Natural Living to help our customers with a complimentary Silk care package at no extra cost. 

Please join us to experience the Silk like you never have