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Nitya London Silk Bedding

Born out of love for family, Nitya London is now ready to share the carefully crafted 100% Mulberry Silk bedding with all that love just a little extra


Why we chose Silk

Anti Aging

Silk contains a natural protein and 18 essential amino acids (used extensively in hair and skin care products) that help speed up the metabolism of dead skin cells.


Skin Moisturizing

Silk is naturally hydrating, as well as less absorbent than cotton, locking skin’s moisture, valuable face and hair products where they belong (Average monthly spends on skincare products is $300), so your skin will be glowing with hydration after your slumber and your hair will feel healthier too

Temperature Regulating

Silk helps regulate your body’s temperature, keeping it cool and comfortable, which induces deep sleep for a truly restorative and uninterrupted slumber
Never too Hot, Never too Cold


Hypo Allergenic

Silk being hypoallergenic inherently doesn’t harbor dust mites, bacteria, molds, allergens or fungus. Silk is also free of any potentially irritating added chemicals and contains natural substances that ward off various environmental allergens and resulting skin conditions (asthma or eczema, amongst other skin problems)


Bye Bye Bedhead

Ordinary pillowcases can cause hair to pull and tangle throughout the night.
Silk has shown to reduce friction by almost 40% on average.
Helps maintain your blowout, braids, beachy waves, and other salon-status styles bouncy and beautiful for days longer. Skip time-consuming trips to the salon by sleeping on silk.


Luxurious Experience

There is nothing like the feeling of sleeping on silk. Silk is soothing, calming, nourishing and is a massage for your senses. 
It makes your bedroom a truly special place


Why Nitya London

Nitya London aims to deliver products that will redefine us.
Our Silk collection is just the start of our journey to bring luxury and elegance to every home without breaking the bank.

Design & Quality

All our products are made from 100% Mulberry Silk of Grade 6A standard.

Grade 6A is the finest quality standard for Silk fabric

The designs are made in the UK and care has been taken to ensure a feel of luxury with our products this includes the packaging.

All the products are OEKO Tex Standard 100 certified


3x Softer than Cotton

Nitya London Silk is 3 times softer than Cotton. Just imagine this!
Our fabric has been tested for world class testing lab for consistent quality, softness, colour fastness & durability


Easy to care

One value at our core has always been to be make an easy to use product. Silk being a delicate fabric can be tricky to care.
So, we collaborated with 2 UK brands; 'Clothes Doctor' & 'Norfolk Natural Living' to provide us with a Silk specific care products.
Delicate Silk Wash from Clothes Doctor helps carefully clean the product & Lavender Scented Vinegar from Norfolk Natural Living is great to maintain Silk shine



One of our other core value has always been affordability. 
Nitya London products are priced almost 40% lower than competitive brands. We achieve this by operating on a direct to customer approach and placing bulk orders.


Product Range

Sleep Mask


Made from 22 Momme & 100& Mulberry Silk Inside & Out

Silk Pillowcase


Wake up glowing , more hydrated, with less sleep wrinkles and smoother hair!

Crafted with our luxurious 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, over 30% thicker than the competition, these Pillowcases are great for a healthy sleep.

These pillowcases have a generous 17" shams

Silk Duvet Cover


Wake up glowing , more hydrated, with less sleep wrinkles and smoother hair!

Crafted with our luxurious 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, over 30% thicker than the competition, these Duvet Covers are perfect for a beauty sleep.

These Duvet covers are not only luxurious, but are also hypoallergenic, anti-aging and moisturizing for healthier Skin & hair

Kids Bedding Set


Kids are at the heart of Nitya London

This bedding set is exclusively designed in the UK

Crafted with our luxurious 22 Momme 100% Mulberry Silk, this bedding set is made in fun designs and are perfect for the little ones delicate skin


Our Story

The idea of Nitya London Silk started from a tiny person, our daughter age 3. Although, a quiet confident little person, sweaty sleep on particularly hot nights and a very frizzy hair to start the day was not ideal for this little princess. Looking her distraught every morning broke our hearts. 

Being engineers we have handled many complex projects over the years, but these events struck a very different chord in our hearts. 

We knew Silk was soft and luxurious, sustainable, hypoallergenic and most importantly breathable. But Silk was traditionally costly and washing it was not easy. On top of it, there were no fun kids bedding designs.

This is when we started our journey to make Silk products cost efficient, easier to care for and have fun designs for the kids, so that everyone can enjoy a lovely sleep and relaxation.

We worked with Silk manufacturers to redefine the luxury sleep. We tested many Silk fabrics, Silk weaves and Silk weights (momme) so that the product was luxurious, breathable, durable and at the same time does not burn a hole in our pockets.

With the countless hours in designing the bedding, we are proud to bring Nitya London Silk Bedding as a start to our journey for redefining elegance and luxury for everyone at home. We have also partnered with Clothes Doctor and Norfolk Natural Living for the care package. 

Please join us on our journey to enjoy the Silk experience

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