Why should i choose Nitya London Silk bedding

Nitya London aims to deliver products with customer in mind

Nitya London Silk products

Our Silk is the highest grade, 6A long fibre mulberry Silk, lustrous (tighly woven charmeuse weave),with the thickness of 22 Momme.

We have the strictest standards and make sure no chemicals are used in the silk production and extraction process and only allow non-toxic dyes, so whether you choose one of our luxurious Pillowcases, Sleep masks or the entire bedding set, you can be sure that it will be high quality and delicate on even the most sensitive skins.

But Silk is messy to look after

After testing multiple weight Silk products, we come to conclusion that 22 Momme silk has the perfect balance for breathability and durability of your bedding set.

Nitya London 22 Momme Silk is also machine washable

To make Silk caring hassle free, we have partnered with Clothes Doctor for Delicate Silk wash and Norfolk Natural Living for Lavender Scented Vinegar and included these products free of charge to our customers. 93% customers have reported being extremely happy with the Silk care package as it reduces the hassle of sourcing these products themselves

Nitya London Pricing

Nitya London always aimed at challenging the current market. Silk is priced as a luxury good, but we wanted to make Silk benefits to be accessible to all, so we challenged the price.

In general, Nitya London products are almost 40% less than the equivalent products in the market.

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